The Miracle of Wuppertal.

Back in the days, mobile data sometimes got lost. Mails, messages, emojis and photos were sent, but disappeared on the way. But where did all the data end up? In "Funkloch" (German for "dead zone"), a real village near Wuppertal. The digital campaign was created at/with/by Kolle Rebbe. Andi Miller and me had the idea, Kolle Rebbe brought it to life with a five-minute (!) mockumentary, YouTube videos (1,000,000+ views), countless GIFs and a sensational microsite. The award shows also liked it: 1 x Silver, 1 x Bronze and 3 Finalist at the ADC 2017, a Shortlist at JDW 2017 and a Shortlist at "Die Klappe 2017".

Sascha Hanke, Nicole Holzenkamp, Lorenz Ritter, Karolin Berndt, Pascal Mattwig, Andi Miller, Christian Soldatke



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